Article | 26 Mar 2024

How to Marry AI and Marketing

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If your organisation is looking to use AI for marketing, you may be intimidated by the sheer number of tools on offer, as well as the breadth of their capabilities. But that shouldn’t stop you from embracing AI and upgrading your marketing content production, as AI may be the asset you need to take the next big step.

The Role of Content in Marketing

In 1996, Bill Gates coined the phrase "content is king” in an essay predicting how the internet would change the landscape of marketing. He has yet to be proven wrong, as a website’s appeal and ability to pull in users is based largely on its search engine optimisation (SEO), which hinges on content quality and volume.

But content is a tricky beast to master. It needs to be educational, informational, and persuasive, and through that, increase engagement and conversions. Most importantly, by showcasing expertise, marketing content must come across as authentic and passionate. To put enough time into your content to produce something worth posting can take a lot of time. That’s where AI can come into play.

How can AI Help with Marketing Content?

AI can do a wealth of things that can improve both the quality and quantity of your marketing content. You may have played around with making AI write something for you, but the potential is much higher. Here are some ways you can harness AI to perfect your marketing content.

Creating Content

Obviously, AI can create written content. Most people have tinkered around with asking AI to write something, and almost everyone has read some AI generated content, even if they weren’t aware of it. However, you can use AI to elevate your content, both in terms of the quality of each individual piece, and in terms of your broader strategy.

You can feed a persona into your AI and then ask the AI to generate content that would appeal to that specific persona. Rather than just articulating concepts and ideas you want to write about, AI can help you realise what you should be writing about in the first place.

Doing Research

A key element of marketing content is authority, which is accentuated by a solid backing of research. Google research is fine, but wading through dozens of sources can be time-consuming. Much like how AI can speed up the content creation itself, it can also perform rapid research.

For example, PerplexityAI will provide multiple sources for any answer it gives you, allowing you to do some quick focused research off the back of its response, and perhaps craft your own copy rather than using the content it creates for you.

Creating Visuals

The common perception of AI is a back-and-forth chatroom-style conversation between a human user and a faceless respondent, but there are some tools that behave a bit differently. One example is AdCreativeAI, which can allow users to give the AI a few keywords in order to generate a visual element.

While online marketing is predominantly written content, visual elements are also a key element, and can be used for social posts or paid ads. Being able to create these in a minute rather than a day is a huge boon for AI.

Perfecting SEO

Some tools, like GetGenie, can create more than just content, giving you SEO tips at the same time. Important considerations like keyword research and competitor analysis can be delivered as quickly as the content is written, which allows you to craft both the piece and your future strategy around this research.

Creating Your Own Tools

While these premade tools can be useful, you can go beyond just using AIs you can find online. OpenAI has made their API available for public use (though it isn’t free), allowing businesses to use OpenAI’s code in their own systems. This personalised AI allows people to automate processes and save time.

The Future of Marketing and AI

It’s easy to look at all these options and feel as though the marketing tick box will be permanently checked off now, but that’s a dangerous line of thinking. Marketing and content need the human touch. Much like a human employee, you’ll want to consistently evaluate your AI’s performance. Set a goal, know what problems you want the AI to solve, and compare the AI’s progress against these metrics over time. If it isn’t working for you, it’s easy to experiment and switch.

“No matter what you’re using AI for, it is always a starting point. It is the seed, and from there you can edit it and make it sound more human. Bring in the things that we know that is doesn’t.”– Eldad Sotnick-Yogev

If you’re looking to implement AI into your business operations, but don’t know where to start, The Work Crowd has a large network of marketing and communications professionals with AI skills and knowledge that can streamline your content production. Contact us to find a marketing professional who can leverage AI and help your organisation supercharge it marketing.