Event | 27 Jul 2023

Is your brand the 'secret sauce' to scaling your business?

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In our recent webinar, we delved into the essential elements of scaling your business using the power of branding. For entrepreneurs and startup founders, a strong brand and reputation are like 'gold dust,' capable of propelling your business to new heights.

The panel of experts from the startup and scale-up world shared valuable insights to help businesses thrive through strategic branding:

  • Brand Identity: Participants learned how to define and establish a compelling brand identity that resonates with their target audience.

  • Driving Growth with Branding: We explored how a robust brand acts as a 'tailwind' for digital marketing efforts, keeping customers coming back and boosting funding rounds.

  • Storytelling and AI: The power of storytelling and leveraging AI in branding were discussed to enhance communication strategies.

  • Marketing Strategies: Attendees gained a deeper understanding of brand-led marketing, organic vs. paid performance, and striking the right balance.

  • Word of Mouth and Talk-Trigger Marketing: We uncovered the secrets to generating word-of-mouth marketing and creating memorable talk-trigger moments.

This webinar is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, startup founders, brand freelancers, advisors, and prospective investors looking to build a strong brand and achieve business growth.

Missed the event? To catch up on the insightful conversation and gain valuable insights from the panel's expertise watch the recording available here.

Our panelists:

  • Madeleine Weightman: Co-founder of The Work Crowd
  • James Maddison: CMO & Founder of Prompt, specialized in Startup Growth & Funding Rounds, Global Brand & Marketing, and Achieving Unicorn Status.
  • Gareth Davies: Head of Integrated Media at Golin, specialized in Brand Awareness Strategy, Paid, Earned & Owned Media, and Insights & Analytics.
  • Diane Perlman: Fractional CMO, specialized in Integrated Branding & Marketing, Scaleup Growth, and Exec & Company Culture + Diversity & Inclusion.

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